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 Hellen 42,

I have tested JP-1000 in a hotel in Japan, together with my husband.So, we knew that such massage chair is a must in our life and home. We had a massage chairbefore. But the way JP-1000 scan your back and massage our body is amazing.You have the best sales assistant, Maria is fantastic and so kind. Hellen & Jack.

 12.06.2019- Peter UKWhen I start my research of buying a massage chair I had, no idea about massagechairs, functions and all that. But I have taken time to study and done serious research.Honestly in all my research and comparison I have done Fujiiryoki Medical was alwaysNumber one massage chiar. I took the courage to order it online, when I saw so manypeople say it is good and is the only massage chiar made 100% in Japan. Is best choiceI have made. I recomend it to anyone that want quality and want to buy the originalconcept of massage chiars. By the way, Thank you for profesional delivery and assembly



09.07.2019- Steven UKThank you for fast delivery, I do come home more early now, and my wife is a lot morerelaxed. JP-1000 is a must in any home. Greeting Steve & Marshamassage-chair-with-heating_400 



 21.03.2018- Jason UKMy father had an accident and our doctor recomend him to buy Fujiiryoki Medicalfor recovery. After I test it in my parents home, I have purchase one for my self. My wife and I use it daily, if it was not for the high price, I'd defenatelly wouldhave bouy 2.Thank you for kind assistance during purchase. Greetings Jason.

04.15.2018 -Sue  UKMy husband, made me a great surprise and bought me the best massage chiar.I do not have back pain any more, I can sleep better and I feel my entire body is so easy.Please post my review and if there are clients that want to ome test this massage chiar, nearmy location I am happy to let them feel how amazing this massage chair really is. I feel solucky to get home from work and feel the heated massage in comfort of my home.I am already familliar with Japanise quality as most of our goods are made in Japan, but JP-1000, is our most used and favorit home aquisition.



07.10.2019- Karl-UKAmazing massage chair! Love the back scanning is Magical, Also fact that I can make myown massage programs according to my needs is fantastic. Thank you for fast delivery.



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